Natyarambha - Lessons


Meet the team

Dr. Ananda Shankar Jayant


Dr Ananda Shankar Jayant is celebrated as one of India’s most eminent and renowned classical dancer, choreographer and dance scholars, and is a sought after motivational and leadership speaker and writer. As the Artistic Director of Shankarananda Kalakshetra, Ananda leads an acclaimed ensemble that has performed across five continents.

Looking for ways to make classical dance more accessible, as well as enable a centuries old art form ride the technology wave, Ananda conceived and produced Natyarambha, a first of its kind Bharatanatyam practice app.

Sneha Magapu

Project head and Dancer

Heading Project Nātyārambha is Sneha Magapu, bringing a unique combination of art and technology, treading the two tracks of being a Bharatanatyam dancer and a product manager at a Microsoft. On the lookout for ways to make her two worlds meet, and synergising her entrepreneurial spirit, technical background and love for the art form, Sneha spearheads the Nātyārambha project. She is a lead dancer and faculty member of Shankarananda Kalakshetra and has toured with the ensemble to several countries. Sneha in addition to being the project head also demonstrates adavus for the videos on Nātyarambha.


Krithika Varsha


Krithika Varsha, an emerging soloist, faculty member and an integral part of the Shankarananda Kalakshetra repertory, has essayed lead roles in performances across major festivals in India and overseas, such as: Corfu Festival, Greece, Syria, Edinburgh Mela, Festivals of India in Russia, Brazil, Jakarta, Indonesia, USA and Canada.
Krithika Varsha demonstrates adavus for the videos on Nātyarambha.

Jinnakaraj MP


Jinnakaraj MP Is a Bharatanatyam dancer trained under Kalakshetra Vilasini, and Kalakshetra Usha G Menon. He later came under the tutelage of Dr. Ananda Shankar Jayant, soon becoming an important part of the Shankarananda Kalakshetra repertory, performing in major festivals in India and in Festivals of India at Corfu, Syria, Edinburgh, Russsia, and Brazil.
Jinnakaraj demonstrates a few adavus for the videos on Nātyarambha.


T P Balasubramaniam


T P Balasubramaniam is a critical and essential part of Shankarananda Kalakshetra and provides the rich and resonating percussion that signifies all of the institution’s dance productions. He has toured with the repertory widely in India and overseas. A disciple of Shri SV Satyanarayana and Nemmani Somayajulu, Balu as he is fondly called, is an active Mridangam and Ghatam player on the Carnatic music circuit too.
Balu's Mridangam accompanies the dancers on Nātyarambha.

Kolanka Brothers


The brothers Kolanka Sai Kumar and Kolanka Anil Kumar, the very popular violinist duo have composed and played the lilting musical notes accompanying every adavu, setting the music to suit the texture and nuances of the adavus
Trained under the well known violinist Shri Peri Sree Rama Murthy, both the brothers, have been an essential part of the Shankarananda Kalakshetra ensemble touring regularly, even as they continue to perform as soloists and as a duo on the Carnatic Music circuit.


Pratima Sagar

Design and drawings

Pratima Sagar, an artist and cultural commentator, has been a vital and indispensable part of the aesthetic that Shankarananda Kalakshetra represents. Pratima's free style drawings and paintings, have anchored many of the conferences, books, brochures and events that have been created and presented by Ananda Shankar Jayant.
As founder and director of Chousat Yogini Research Center for Ancient Arts and Sciences, Pratima writes, edits, designs and publishes books and catalogues on performing and visual arts. Pratima's delicate free style drawings and design bring alive the logo and chapter drawings on Nātyarambha.

Aditi Nigam

Pencil sketches for adavus

Aditi Nigam is a Bharatanatyam dancer, painter, animation artist, research scholar and a regular performing artiste of the Shankarananda Kalakshetra repertory, having performed in USA, Canada, Korea and China.
Aditi combines her multiple talents, as a dancer and animation artist, to draw the detailed pencil sketches for the adavus on Nātyarambha.


Promo video:

The Chitrakars with performance by Soundarya Lahari, Neha Sathanapalli, Smt. Naga Lakshmi and students of Shankarananda Kalakshetra


UI/UX Design –Rama Chandra
Development –Siddhartha Verma

Text and editing:

Ananda Shankar Jayant, Sneha Magapu, Chelna Galada, Krupa Ravi, Lahari Jalamangala, Nandini Bhamidipati, Shrinidhi Narasimhan