Nātyārambha follows the basic training pedagogy of the Kalakshetra style of Bharatanatyam. Lessons spread over 13 chapters, 61 basic units (adavus) are available for practice. Each lesson is provided with an introductory descriptive note.

Thenceforth, each adavu in three speeds in the ascent and descent, is accompanied by the relevant mnemonics and Mridangam, instrumental music, and a video of with a dancer performing. A detailed ‘Learn More’ option, with notated stick drawings, and how-to procedure is also made available along with each adavu.

Both the video and the instrumental music are optional, and can be enabled/disabled using the options on the Settings page

All Bharatanatyam styles and pedagogies, can practice with Nātyarambha as the mnemonics for the lessons are standardized across Bharatanatyam styles.

Ensure your practice is preceded by the Bhumi Namaskāram and body warm up and succeeded by Bhumi Namaskāram and cool down (as learnt by you in your dance class).