Tat Tei Tā Hāh

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Variations: 3

Method of execution

The signature movement in this adavu is to go on up your toes with a slight jump, holding the feet vertical to the ground   and then striking alternately with a flat sole. While jumping, the weight of the body is balanced on the toes of both the feet and then the right foot is made to strike the ground with its flat sole ,while the left foot is still in the same position, i.e., balanced on the toes. The same is repeated starting with the left foot. The Sollukaṭṭu remains the same for each variety of the aḍavu. Tripatāka mudra are used for this aḍavu.

Mnemonic syllables

Tat Tei Tā Hā Dhit Tei Tā Hā

Body positions

Hand positions
  • Hands held at chest level
  • Hands stretched to the side at shoulder level
  • Hand stretched in front, at a cross angle from the body at chest level
  • Hand stretched above the head and towards the side of the body
  • Hands, stretched towards the side of the body at a parallel to the knee


Points to remember

  • Aramandi position is maintained throughout the adavu, without any disturbance.
  • The Aramandi position remains constant even as the slight jump is taken for going up on the toes.
  • The adavu is performed without spatial movement and in the same place.