Tā Tei Tei Ta

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Variations: 4

Method of execution

This Aḍavu is usually used to cover space. This Aḍavu extensively uses Swastika bheda, Aramandi and Samapāda. The feet are moved in different geometrical patterns, covering extensive space. 

Mnemonic syllables

Tā Tei Tei Ta Dhit Tei Tei Ta

Body positions

Hand Positions

  • Hands held at chest level
  • Hand stretched in front, and then making a circular movement from there
  • Hand tracing a semi-circle ,on either side, with hand being stretched from chest level, above the head and towards the side of the body at shoulder level
  • Hands, making a full circle around the body


Points to remember

  • Aramandi position is maintained without disturbance even while moving, except where there is Samapāda.
  • Swastika leg position needs to be precise.